List of Fees & Charges

Effective: 04/04/2013

Account Research: $10.00/hour
(1 hr min)
Auto Insurance Lapse: $50.00/month
(after 30 days)
Auto Registration Lapse: $50.00/month
(after 30 days)
Copy of Draft: $3.00
Credit Union Check: $1.00
Dormant Account: $5.00
(after 2 years)
Early Close Account Fee: $10.00
(before 90 days)
Extra Copy Of Statement:: $3.00 (current Quarter)
$5.00 (previous Quarter)
Gift Card Fee: $2.00
IRA Closing Fee: $5.00
IRA Opening Fee: $13.00
Lien Addition Fee: Varies by state
Loan Modification/Skip Payment: $25.00
Negative Cash Withdrawals: $3.00 each
Notary Service: $3.00
Over 6 Share W/D**: $3.00 each
Over Line Of Credit: $10.00
Property Taxs Not Paid: $50.00
(if not paid by Nov 30th)
Reconveyance Fee: $70.00
Replace VISA Cards: 1st Free
2nd $10.00
3rd $25.00
4th Management Discretion
Returned Fee: $25.00
Returned Deposit: $10.00
Returned Mail: $5.00
Stop Payment: $15.00
Wire Transfer: $10.00 (domestic)
$35.00 (International)
$50.00 (Incorrect Wire)

**If you need to do more transactions than six (6) per month, we suggest you open a
checking account to meet your needs.

Associated Federal Employees Federal Credit Union fees and charges
are subject to change without prior notice.