Online Security

Online scams and fraud are becoming much more sophisticated and elaborate. Thieves use many different methods in their attempts to steal personal information. They break into mail boxes, deploy viruses, send fake e-mails, and even create fake Web sites. Do not fall victim to these scams. The best way to protect yourself against fraud is to educate yourself on these methods and guard your personal information. You should also maintain up-to-date anti-virus and spyware programs on your personal computer and be knowledgeable about phishing.

Our Online Security pages contain information to help members protect themselves against identity theft, mail and e-mail scams, computer viruses and other types of fraud. Take a moment to browse these pages, where you'll learn about the latest threats and how to combat them.

Please remember that AFEFCU will never ask you for personal information, or information about your credit union accounts via e-mail, a web page, or over the phone.